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Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller is a contributor in the field of Diversity. For over seven years, Melanie she has been strategic in implementing course structure surrounding the arenas of Diversity, Managing and Leveraging Diversity, Valuing Differences, and Managing Work Performance. She is successful in linking persuasive human relations skills with sound business practices. As a senior facilitator, she has led training sessions, provided consulting, and conducted cultural audits and needs assessments throughout North America. She has consistently received extraordinary reviews and outstanding evaluations for the 600 workshops she has facilitated.

In conjunction with Managing Diversity, Melanie has also been instrumental incorporating the training of Managing/Leveraging Diversity, Communication, Organizational Change, Customer Service, Inclusive Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Sexual Harassment, Civil Treatment in the Workplace, and Leadership Development. She has consulted and trained with a variety of clients including:

Coca-Cola USA


Miller Brewing Company


Levi Strauss

Lotus Development Company

Metropolitan Insurance


Prudential Bank

Melanie's community involvement includes The March of Dimes, The United Way, The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, and AID Atlanta. She also works with Kennesaw State University on multicultural and tolerances issues within the text Current Issues and Enduring Questions.

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