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From The Wall Street Journal
Three Best Ways to Reduce Tech Costs

It's impossible to run a company these days without an investment in technology, which can take your operations to another level. But how do you do it economically and without wasting extra cash on needless tech services or products?

Innovations International Featured in The Wall Street Journal

From BusinessWeek
Using the Web for Short-Term Outsourcing

Whether it's specialized work or drudgery you need done, these fast-growing go-betweens prove handy. Just don't forget your due diligence.
By Nick Leiber

Innovations International Featured in Business Week

From The New York Times
In Hard Times, Freelancers Turn to the Web

WITH layoffs mounting daily, the ranks of independent contractors appear ready to grow. People who have lost full-time jobs are seeking work on their own, and businesses that once hired full-timers and paid them benefits are turning to more affordable freelancers.
By Dan Fost

Innovations International Featured in The New York Times

From Mobile enterprise
Cloudy Days
Innovations International, a 25-year-old consulting firm, traded its physical offices for doing business entirely on the Internet. Is it the right move for your business?
Daniel Guillory, CEO of Innovations International, was looking for a change. For a quarter of a century, his small business had been providing consulting services, seminars and surveys in areas like leadership, diversity, empowerment, creativity and work-life balance. Life was good, and so was business.
By Michelle Maisto

Innovations International Featured in Mobile Enterprise

Mid-Market Heroes: Why -- And How -- One Brick-And-Mortar Business Went Virtual
Vivek Kundra, President Obama's newly appointed Chief Information Officer, plans to push the White House to embrace cloud computing.
In Salt Lake City, Danny Guillory, CEO of Innovations International, has had success with cloud computing. In September 2008, Guillory decided to disband the physical office. Employees went totally mobile at the 25-year-old company, which consults with organizations in areas of empowerment, creativity and work-life balance. Guillory turned over the company's data management to Egnyte.
By Fredric Paul

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From IHR Einkauf
Diversity - a unifying force
Learn about Diversity as the unifying force of the 21st century. In his new book Dr. Guillory writes about Diversity and Oneness and how we can implement it via Small Acts of Kindness in our day-by-day life.
This book is about how to change the world; one small "act of kindness" at time. Each small act of kindness can have a ripple effect. When aligned with other small acts they can create a “tsunami of change.”
By Fredric Paul

Innovations International Featured in IHR Einkauf

Empowerment Program Used By Fortune 500 Companies Is Now Available Online

Innovations International Launches its Free Online Learning Tool Titled "Empowerment for High-Performing Organizations."
mpowerment for High-Performing Organizations is the second in a series of newly released virtual seminars from Innovations International. This free course is the first high-performance virtual seminar of its kind, offering the attendee exercises, case studies, quizzes, and more self-paced instruction right at their own desktop.

By Innovations International


Diversity- A Unifying Force By Dr. William A. Guillory Offers a New 3-Cycle Learning Process Toward Embracing Diversity and Producing Success

Innovations International Founder and Diversity Expert to Fortune 500 Companies Releases Breakthrough New Book.
Dr. William A. Guillory, taps 25 years of experience in diversity training and consulting, to create the rich content in his newest book, Diversity--A Unifying Force. He illustrates how in today's society, diversity is more important than ever in how we measure and produce success. Dr. Guillory says each of us as individuals, are responsible for making small yet dramatic changes in how we work with others. This can be achieved through a three-cycle learning process.

By Innovations International


Innovations International Launches Its Online Fortune 500 Diversity Training Tool, Diversity - The Competitive Advantage

The interactive course valued at $4,000 is available for free, online, for a limited time.
Innovations International developed Diversity- The Competitive Advantage for businesses that recognize the importance of Diversity as a business objective. Since 1996, Fortune 500 companies like Texas Instruments, Amgen, Genentech and Toyota Financial Services have benefited by boosting worker morale, increasing productivity and impacting the bottom line.

"Diversity is a fact of life--both in the United States and globally. The challenge is to leverage the competitive advantage it provides."- Dr. William A. Guillory By Innovations International


The Guide to Going Virtual: Learn How Companies are Growing Strong and Making Money

Innovations International, Announces a Free Course to Help Organizations Start Up and Manage the Virtual Workplace.
The new economy is creating a landscape of virtual workplaces as operations move from commercial spaces to home offices. Companies of all sizes are strategically increasing efficiency while scaling down physical work space.

On June 11, 2009 Innovations International CEO Danny Guillory will host the firm's second Virtual Conference, offering attendees first-hand knowledge of the challenges and benefits of virtualization. By Innovations International


Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies Brings Experts in Leadership, Creativity and Transformation to your Desktop

Innovations International focuses on reinventing your organization, your team and yourself in a second Virtual Conference June 8-12, 2009
In challenging times the best investment any corporation can make is in the education if it's staff. This is the time to focus on preparing employees to adapt and succeed in the new economy. Innovations International is offering a cost effective and cutting edge forum for training in topics of Creativity, Work-Life Balance, Virtual Teamwork, and Cultural Transformation Through Social Networking.
By Innovations International


Hard Times Create a New Demand for Work Life Balance

Innovations International releases "Creating Sanity," the newest work life balance online resource to assist managers and employees in balancing daily priorities and improving the bottom line.
As companies struggle to stay afloat, managers and employees alike face the challenge of staying productive and creative in a difficult environment. The most important resource an organization has is its employees. But, they may not feel that way as downsizing, restructuring, or cost-saving measures in the new economy add responsibilities, uncertainty, and stress.
By Innovations International


Adviser to Fortune 500 Companies Shares Three Steps to Take During This Recession to Increase Future Profits

Dr. William Guillory, renowned expert in leadership, diversity and creativity launches "Leading During Turbulent Times—The FuturePerfect Leadership Model," a course for innovative companies and organizations that are remaking themselves.
By Innovations International


Employees Can Transform Businesses by Social Networking at Work

Dr. William Guillory, renowned expert in diversity and leadership offers Small Acts of Inclusion - Creating Cultural Transformation as a free tool for employees to succeed in the new economy.
By Innovations International


World's First Virtual Diversity Conference Hosted by Innovations International Inc.

Innovations International is hosting the first ever Virtual Diversity Conference where you can attend from your desktop. Top Diversity facilitators will be speaking and leading each webinar session.
By Innovations International

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Innovations International ( launched a book website, The FuturePerfect Organization Driven by Quantum Leadership by William A. Guillory Ph.D., Christopher Harding, and Daniel Guillory
By Innovations International

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This week Innovations International ( launched their latest website "Animal Kingdom—A Diversity Fable." It is based on the popular book by William A. Guillory, Ph.D.
By Innovations International


HOW TO BECOME A TOTAL FAILURE: The Ten Rules of Highly Unsuccessful People

Resist Learning. Hoard Information. Be a Jerk! Always Look Out for #1.
By Innovations International

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