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Innovations International Virtual Conference - Reinventing Your Organization, Your Team, and Yourself

A Guide to Adapting to Challenging Times (June 8-12, 2009)

Innovations International is proud to present our second Virtual Conference! With the success of our First Virtual Diversity Conference we are offering new innovative topics to help you grow in your day to day operation. As an added bonus to our attendees, we will be featuring part of our newest course offering, Small Acts of Inclusion.

HOW TO ATTEND Virtual Conference

A Breakthrough in Transformation

Due to the current economic situation, we recognize the realities of cost cutting and travel moratoriums; however, the need for continuous learning has not disappeared, in fact, in a global competitive business environment it has become more crucial. As a unique solution, Innovations is offering this fantastic learning opportunity from the convenience of your desktop. No traveling, no hotel expenses, no time away from the office!

Each session will be an interactive webinar where attendees will be able to interact with the presenter as well as with fellow attendees. We recognize that a considerable benefit of attending a conference is the opportunity to meet new people in your industry or with similar interests. Using web-based tools we will be able to replicate not only the interactive experience of a traditional conference, but also the important networking opportunities between participants.

As with our first conference we will be offering a social networkingt tool called Crowdvine. This tool will give you access to the session calendar, participant profiles, ability to post areas of interest for discussion, and the ability to have public and private communications with attendees.

  • Attend from your desktop (No special software needed)
  • Interactive sessions with polls, surveys, and Q&A
  • Meet new people in your industry
  • Social Network Membership through CrowdVine

This will take place over a five day period with six 1-hour interactive sessions. The program will include (all times EST):

Day 1 - Presented on Monday - June 8, 2009

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Creativity, Innovation, and Quantum-Thinking—Effectively Adapting to Turbulent Timeswith Chris Harding

Chris Harding

Most leaders, managers, and staff utilize less than 50% of their creative and intuitive ability. This is not because of inherent limitations, but because of unawareness of how to incorporate relatively simple procedures utilizing visualization, the sleep state, subliminal perception, the integrated model of the brain, and other leading-edge creativity concepts into their daily job performance. The most proactive response to uncertain, turbulent times is the ability to "create your own reality." That is, to envision a future you would like to have for your organization or business unit and proceed to achieve it with the resources you have at your disposal.

We have designed a creativity and innovation experience to lead you through this process of re-inventing yourself and your organization. This program focuses on the extent to which individuals function within self-imposed limitations which are barriers to creativity and shows how to overcome them.

Day 2 - Presented on Tuesday - June 9, 2009

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Tick Tock!...Who Broke the Clock? — The Power of Work-Life Integration® with Jannette Bailey

Jannette Bailey

Work-Life Quality and Balance is probably the greatest challenge most of us face today. We refer to "work-life" as the holistic view that work and personal responsibilities, in practice, cannot be conveniently separated. Therefore, a new paradigm of self-management becomes necessary. The basic premise of this paradigm is "don’t attempt to manage time, learn to manage your most important activities."

This presentation will focus on three major themes – making a personal inventory of your work-life quality and balance; taking personal responsibility for the present state of your life as a prerequisite for creating positive change; and designing the “script of your life” to be congruent with your innermost values.

Day 3 - Presented on Wednesday - June 10, 2009

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Small Acts of Inclusion - Creating Cultural Transformation through Social Networking with Darrell Butler

Darrell Butler

Innovations has developed a new breakthrough method for achieving cultural inclusion. We define cultural inclusion as an environment where equity of opportunity exists for all employees to experience personal success and contribute to the organization’s success.

Diversity is the people factor. It spans each of the vertical initiatives by virtue of the employees who actually implement the processes and the full array of differences they inherently bring to the workplace. Diversity and people are synonymous. In this sense, diversity is the key element in producing high performance since people make things happen, not structure or process.

The program is based upon social networking theory combined with the viral spread of cultural transformation. The key element is the naturally existing social network within an organization. A social network is a group of individuals with common responsibilities or overlapping interests, e.g., project teams, leadership teams, sales and marketing teams, business units, affinity groups, etc. Transformation occurs through the interpersonal interactions between employees within a network, as well as across networks. The process is initiated by small acts of inclusion, behaviors that have the potential to gradually transform the culture. These behaviors are designed to ultimately become an ingrained part of day-to-day operation. The objective is to create a critical mass of participating employees within a network unit such that inclusion becomes the dominant mode of operation.

Day 4 - Presented on Thursday - June 11, 2009

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Creating a Virtual Team/Organization with Danny Guillory

Danny Guillory

Virtual Teaming is becoming increasingly popular as organizations move to cut overhead costs. This session will discuss the case for a virtual organization as well as the steps and tools necessary to bring success to any organization looking to move to a virtual environment. This session also discusses the transformation in thinking from rugged individualism to collaboration, followed by the design of a unique Information and Knowledge Base Network. This program provides the cognitive and behavioral skills necessary to work cooperatively with others in a globally connected workplace—where globally connected refers to any geographically dispersed working arrangement. It combines a holistic approach to collaboration by emphasizing both the interpersonal and technical aspects of cooperation, teamwork, and cross-functional networking.

Day 5 - Presented on Friday - June 12, 2009

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Leading During Turbulent Times—The FuturePerfect Leadership Model with Dr. William Guillory
Dr. William A. Guillory

Leading during turbulent times requires three vital leadership skills: the ability to anticipate change, create the change you desire, and lead from the future.

We have designed an experience to lead you through this process of re-inventing yourself, your leadership, and your organization. It begins with defining the next business paradigm; envisioning the next generation products and services that correspond to that paradigm for your particular industry; and moving to design, prototype production, and marketing and sales.

During uncertain, turbulent times, create what is wanted and needed, and produce it, market it, and sell it!

In practice, this three-step sequence is captured by the FuturePerfect Leadership Model
  1. A transformation in mind-set from linear-adaptive to creative-adaptive thinking.
  2. The creative design of future-oriented products and services and the leadership and organizational competencies necessary to produce and sell them.
  3. Projecting yourself into that future state and leading as though that future state exists in the present.

This presentation is based on Dr. Guillory’s co-authored book, The FuturePerfect Organization—Driven by Quantum Leadership.

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