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Free Work Life Balance Virtual Learning Experience — Tick Tock Who Broke the Clock? The Power of Work Life Integration

Presented by Dr. William A. Guillory (April 29th 2010)

On April 29th Dr. Guillory offered a free webinar on developing and achieving Work Life balance. Based on his popular book Tick Tock... Who Broke the Clock? The Power of Work Life Integration.

Due to the current economic situation, we recognize the realities of cost cutting and travel moratoriums; however, the need for continuous learning has not disappeared, in fact, in a global competitive business environment it has become more crucial. As a unique solution, Innovations is offering this fantastic learning opportunity from the convenience of your desktop. No traveling, no hotel expenses, no time away from the office!

This session will be an interactive Virtual Learning Experience where attendees will be able to have interactive dialogue with the presenter. We recognize that a considerable benefit of attending a conference is the opportunity to meet new people in your industry or with similar interests. Using web-based tools we will be able to replicate not only the interactive experience of a traditional conference, but also the important networking opportunities between participants.

Work Life Balance Webinar

Course Objectives:
  1. Make a personal assessment of the quality and balance of your life.
  2. Take full responsibility for the state of your life as a basis for proactive change.
  3. Identify the major perception that prevents the work-life balance you desire.
  4. Resolve that major perception.
  5. Define, redefine, or discover your most important values and their corresponding life activities.
  6. Manage your most important life activities.

Prior to the VLE:

Innovations has created a self assessment through facebook titled How Balanced are You Between Work and Home Life? It is recommended that attendees take this self test prior to the Virtual Learning Experience to help them learn where they currently stand in relation to their work and home life balance.

New Facebook Quiz to Take Before the Webinar > >
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