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Ten Ways of Becoming an Empowered, High Performing, Integrated Individual

(From the Living Organization—Spirituality in the Workplace)

  1. The only job security that exists is to have competencies that are of value to someone--so take responsibility for becoming highly competent, self-managed and continuously learning.

  2. Evaluate your competencies and their relevance to what is wanted and needed by someone. Then create a personalized professional development (career) plan.

  3. Based upon the "new" workplace rules for employment, create your own personal minimum expectations necessary for you to be committed to an organization.

  4. Take workshops to experience your spirituality and integrate it into your day-to-day life.

  5. Take a serious diversity training in order to experience whether you contribute to the spirit of the organization or drain it by supporting the status quo

  6. If your organization does not live, enforce, and have spiritually sourced values such as respect, integrity, equality, and equal opportunity that are aligned with your personal values, then consider another organization. Otherwise, you may never realize your full potential.

  7. Define for yourself what comprises meaningful work and use it to redefine your work responsibilities.

  8. Take responsibility for learning how to be naturally creative and innovative in your work. If you don't, you will jeapordize your value to the organization.

  9. Find a quiet place, go into deep relaxation, create a mirror image of yourself, and respond to the following questions:

    1. What is my greatest physical barrier?
    2. What is my greatest mental barrier?
    3. What is my greatest spiritual barrier?
    4. What do I plan to do to overcome each of these?

    Then, "Just Do It" and don't make a big deal of it!

  10. Find an organization that supports the professional development and advancement of all of its people and join it.



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