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Insights for Success - Establishing a Context for Success

Success is the conscious creation and realization of your desired goals in life, moment by moment of living.

Specifically, success begins with a state of mind. The symbols of success are the milestones and goals achieved in the process.

"Anything you truly achieve in your life is the offspring of how you think."

Therefore, we conclude that mindset drives competencies to produce one’s level of performance according to the following model:

The Empowered Individual
Success and Career

What does it mean to you to be successful in each of the areas of your life listed below? Success is sourced from what you value.

Self: Most important value:
Family: Most important value:
Work: Most important value:
Community/Service: Most important value:

Based upon your descriptions of success on the preceding page, write a realistic career goal for the coming year that integrates and balances all of your success aspirations.

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