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Leadership Principles and Behaviors

(from The Living Organization—Spirituality in the Workplace)

  1. Establish a personal vision of your function in concert with the organization's vision--use meditation and visualization to explore your creative consciousness for a vision that is consistent with your higher purpose, beyond self interest.

  2. Plan your work in concert with the vision of the organization--create specific, definable and measurable results that would ensure that your personal vision is achieved.

  3. Obstacles or difficulties, no matter how great, are opportunities in disguise to catapult your spiritual growth--use introspection for solutions or seek the assistance of a mentor who is versed in spiritual growth.

  4. Support those you manage by learning of their aspirations--connect their expectations of success to the business objectives of the organization as part of their performance review.

  5. At all times, put the organization's survival and success before your own personal interests--take responsibility to always be aware of the organization's financial health and volunteer ways to help through self-sacrifice.

  6. Emotionally focus and intentionally create the reality of what you desire--write in detail what you desire, read it every day, and do at least one activity in alignment with what you have written. If you don't do these things, your intention is really a desire, and has no power of manifestation.

  7. Generously share profits with employees and the community within which you reside--design a profit sharing plan that preserves the health of the business, employees and the community.

  8. Where necessary to manage others, manage with empathy, compassion, humility and love (see pages 63-64)--be humanistic in the way you facilitate employee development and performance.

  9. Value and integrate differences in all your business transactions--establish an accountability system that is performance results-oriented in terms of differences.

  10. Establish regular communication with your personal source of guidance, wisdom and inspiration--take 5 to 10 minutes every day to meditate, pray or introspect regarding a situation or opportunity that requires attention in your life.



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