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Nuggets of Wisdom

The following are practical behaviors from "The Living Organization—Spirituality in the Workplace" that you might incorporate into your work life, where appropriate:

  1. Demonstrate more confidence in others.
    • Allow others to create (and follow) their own solutions even when you suspect they are wrong.
    • Express your support of their decisions and actions.
    • Require less approval before taking action.
    • Don't question the motives of others.
    • Don't ignore the input of other people.


  2. Have patience with others.
    • Give others time to come up with their own solutions.
    • Don't interrupt or finish other people's sentences for them.
    • Withhold making premature judgements on the abilities and commitments of others.


  3. Creating turmoil might win the battle, but lose the war.
    • Deal with everybody on a peer-to-peer level at all times.
    • Don't inject emotionally charged language into a situtation.
    • Rely on intuition and reason, rather than intimidation, to sway others.


  4. You will have ultimate control out of a total absence of control.
    • Describe rather than prescribe.
    • Let others establish the agenda, constraints and timetables for work affecting them.
    • Illuminate visions.
    • Identify interrelationships between actions and consequences and let others decide on actions to take.


  5. You can't create closeness with intimidation.
    • Set aside rank in dealing with subordinates.
    • Listen to others holding different views.
    • Don't flaunt degrees and credentials.
    • Support the self-esteem of others by expressing confidence in their abilities and applauding their efforts.


  6. Treat every interaction as if it were crucial to success.
    • Place an imaginary video camera in the room.
    • Treat every individual like you would treat the president of the company.
    • Stay plugged into every conversation, no matter how minor.


  7. Assume every case is that one of ten cases when you're wrong.
    • Admit the possibility of being wrong.
    • Actively solicit alternative ideas.
    • Really listen to other suggestions and find a way to try them out.


  8. Positive results must always include the impact on people.
    • Stay in tune with how your behavior is affecting others.
    • Consider how you would feel if placed in the other person's shoes.
    • Think of how you will view this episode when you are 90 years old.
    • Value other people's views and suggestions.


  9. Worth and value are inherent and independent of achievements.
    • Frequently step back and take the view from 10,000 light years away.
    • Remember your oneness with all other entities within the universe.
    • Quit keeping score.


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