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Ten Exercises to Reconnect with Your Spirituality

  1. Meditate daily for ten to fifteen minutes.

    First, practice sitting (or lying) quietly and thinking about whatever thoughts cross your mind.

    Then, practice sitting (or lying) quietly and listening to your thoughts. When your mind stops listening, you will be connected to your spirituality.

  2. Cross-country ski or hike off the beaten path and consciously focus on your surroundings without thinking or judging. Just attempt to be part of the environment, like the snow, a tree, or a rabbit.

  3. Hold a baby, look into its eyes, and let your mind spontaneously intuit the message the child is sending to you.

  4. Do a visualization exercise where you create a trusted advisor. Ask that advisor, "What is my greatest barrier to connecting with my spirituality?" Listen quietly for the spontaneous answer you get. This exercise may take several tries.

  5. Before going to sleep, ask your subconscious mind to take you on a journey to explore your spiritual consciousness as a dream. This request must be serious for your subconscious to take you seriously!

  6. Walk on a beach, preferably at night, and notice what a minute, but significant part you are of a very big picture. Write about your experience.

  7. Watch a morning sunrise as though seeing it for the first time. Avoid judging; just be with it.

  8. Next time you are in the "zone," write in detail the events and context that prepared you for this experience. Practice preparing yourself to experience the "zone" whenever you choose.

  9. When you feel sorry for yourself, visit with someone worse off than you and try to experience empathy, compassion, humility and love. These are all spiritually sourced experiences.

  10. Actively engage in activities to develop your intuitive side: personal development books, tapes, trainings, and materials dealing with the subject of spirituality.

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