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The FuturePerfect Organization—Leading in the 21st Century

This presentation will involve the most progressive model of leadership for the 21st century—The FuturePerfect Organization. This model proposes that the best way to deal with change is to anticipate, define, and create the change necessary for continued business success. In the present Age of Human Potential, the most important element of continued success is highly competent, continuously learning, and self-managed employees. Once acquired, there are two critical challenges:

  1. How to organize them for exceptional personal performance, collaboration, and high performance? and

  2. How to establish an employee-engaged workplace to ensure their retention?

From a management standpoint, facilitating high performance is the result of mastering five critical management skills essential to harness the capacity of this changing workplace composition. This presentation will discuss the most important factors shaping the future workplace, the high-performance organization of the 21st century, and the five management skills necessary for leveraging exceptional performance.

The Power of Collaboration—Cooperation and Cross-Functional Networking

This workshop teaches the skills necessary to work in collaboration with others to achieve personal and team success. Collaboration requires a higher level of commitment to other team members than participation in a simple cooperative way. This workshop uses a team polarity exercise to clearly and uniquely define the characteristics necessary to perform as a unity of one. An essential part of more effectively collaborating and networking is resolving, and ultimately using advantageously, the greatest unique challenge we may have with respect to working with others. This polarity exercise will show how to balance individualism with collaboration; and ultimately show that collaboration and teaming are the most important elements in maximizing performance, productivity, and profitable operation.

Learner Outcomes: The objectives of this workshop are to:
  1. Learn the challenges and opportunities in comprehensively implementing collaboration as the dominant mode of operation.
  2. Achieve a balance between collaboration and individualism.
  3. Devise action strategies for implementing, improving, and maximizing cooperation, collaboration, and networking.

Creating Sanity in the Midst of Chaos—Achieving Work-Life Quality and Balance

This presentation will focus on three major themes – making a personal inventory of your work-life quality and balance; taking personal responsibility for the present state of your life as a prerequisite for creating positive change; and designing the "script of your life" to be congruent with your innermost values. After defining what is meant by work-life quality and balance, participants will initially engage in an exercise to assess their present "quality of life." Then, they will participate in a simulation exercise that creates a difficult choice for a professional opportunity and how the choice will impact their personal responsibilities and relationships. This exercise will lead to an open group discussion culminating in a new paradigm for reconciling work and personal responsibilities. The final activity is to have each participant rewrite the "script of their life" by defining the dominant activities that are congruent with their innermost values in the areas of self, family, work and service. The workshop will be highly interactive, experiential, and fun!

This seminar provides the opportunity to:
  • Learn what is meant by work-life quality and balance
  • Assess the quality of your life and how well you support others
  • Experience a simulation exercise to learn how to make crucial decisions involving work-life choices
  • Experience what is meant by "support the whole person"
  • Learn a new paradigm for achieving work-life quality and balance
  • Learn how to plan, prioritize, focus, and execute your workplace responsibilities
  • Discover the “crucial decision” you need to make to achieve the quality and balance you desire
  • Define your innermost values and design a work-life plan that is consistent with them
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