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The Future Perfect Organization - Leadership for the 21st Century

  1. First Segment - The Three Step Future Perfect Model
    • Moving from a linear adaptive mind-set to a creative adaptive mind-set
    • Create a vision of high-performance for the future
    • Quantum Leadership - Behave as the future will play out as if it were today
  2. Second Segment - The Change in Nature of Serving Customers in the Futureperfect Paradigm
    • Customers are becoming more active
    • The nature of the market
  3. Third Segment - The First Step in the Transformation From Linear-Adaptive to Creative-Adaptive Thinking
    • What fears must one resolve to be open to change?
  4. Fourth Segment - Collaboration and Inclusion
    • The necessary components of the FuturePerfect Business Paradigm
    • The definition of collaboration and inclusion
  5. Fifth Segment - Quantum Leadership
    • How to behave as if the future were happening today
    • Combining human characteristics with sound business practices
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