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Leadership Videos:

The Global Manager

Definition of Leadership

Polychronic/Monochronic Workstyles

Video - The Global Manager presented by William Guillory
Screenshot of Video - The Global Manager

Diversity Videos:

Promoting Diversity in Your Organization

Creating Cross Cultural Teams

Cross Cultural Communication

Video - Cross Cultural Communication
Screenshot of Video - Cross Cultural Communication

Work/Life Balance Videos:

Making Work-Life Balance Adjustments

Dealing With Work-Life Stress

Video - Dealing With Work-Life Stress
Screenshot of Video - Dealing With Work-Life Stress

Spirituality in the Workplace Videos:

Video - Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace
Part one of a webcast from Dr. William Guillory.
Click here to continue to viewing parts 2 - 11

Spirituality in the Workplace

Dr. Guillory has put together this thought provoking presentation on what it means to have Spirituality in the Workplace.

Video - Things I have Learned
Dr. William Guillory has put together this presentation with thought provoking Nuggets of Wisdom.

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