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Leadership for the 21st Century—The FuturePerfect Organization

The FuturePerfect Organization - Driven by Quantum Leadership

Leadership for the 21st Century requires two vital leadership skills that are essential for guiding your organization through accelerated “white-water” change–creative adaptation and leveraging human potential. Creative adaptation is the process of anticipating, embracing, and proactively creating the management principles and employee practices for exceptional performance in the future business environment. Leveraging human potential is the process of harnessing the knowledge, creativity and innovation, and high-performance skills necessary to operate as a future-oriented organization. In practice, the process of achieving this future-oriented organization.

The FuturePerfect Organization–involves a three-step sequence:

  1. The first step is transformation from a linear-adaptive to a creative-adaptive mind-set.
  2. The second step involves the creative design of FuturePerfect principles and practices corresponding to the high-performance organization three to five years into the future.
  3. The third step is projecting one’s self into that future state and performing as though it exists in the present.

This presentation is based upon Dr. Guillory’s co-authored book The FuturePerfect Organization—Driven by Quantum Leadership. It is presented as a keynote speech, conference breakout session, or an organizational seminar. The presentations are entertaining, interactive, and audience-focused.

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