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Internal Communications and Branding

Innovations leads a session with key stakeholders including (but not limited to) representatives from internal communications, external communications, and organizational development to identify key audiences, messages, outcomes, and tactics for communicating and branding the diversity initiative in your organization. The material from this session could provide the content for an internal communications plan to be implemented by key stakeholders with support from Innovations.

Key elements of the session include:

  1. Identifying a Central theme or rallying cry for the change effort

  2. Generating targeted audience segments based on communication priorities

  3. Developing a common understanding of audience needs and concerns

  4. Creating behavior oriented business objectives

  5. Developing unique objectives for each stage of the communication process

  6. Generating draft structures for stories and key messages

  7. Identifying design elements and criteria for solutions and deliverables

  8. Determining the right solutions to increase knowledge skill and motivation

  9. Finishing with tactical plans for a rollout of a communications plan that would involve internal activities by the client, as well as where appropriate content developed by Innovations.

Tactical elements of internal communications that Innovations can develop can include but are not limited to:

  • Messaging

  • Podcasts

  • Video

  • Posters

  • Development of internet-based resources and tools

  • Development of Email communications

  • Development of booklets and job aids related to the message

  • Virtual meetings, town halls, and events

  • Diversity and Inclusion launch activities

Innovations can help in the conception, design and implementation phase of any of these branding activities.

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