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Branding Diversity and Inclusion

A Brand is a promise about who you are (as an organization) and the benefits you deliver to your employees. Brand Image refers to a set of positive beliefs and values that your organization stands for that are implanted in employees' minds as a result of the cultural transformation initiative.

Attributes for branding inclusion:
  • creates credibility,
  • creates employee engagement,
  • creates equity of opportunity for success,
  • creates maximum utilization of human capital,
  • creates greater creativity and innovation, and
  • creates exceptional performance results
Innovations can help you with the Branding/Marketing process:
  1. What are we branding? The Cultural Transformation of your organization.

  2. Research: Critical Questions about the Branding Process
    • Who are our customers? (Employees)
    • What motivates them to accept change and transformation? (Survey Results and comments)
    • What are their locations? (nationally and global);
    • How can we implement the initiative to be most receptive to employees? (Action Plans, Training, and Active Employee Participation)
    • Who are the critical people in the transformation process and how do we enroll them? (Leaders and Managers with a compelling Business Case that is still valid when the present Secretary is gone)
    • What kind of media can we best use? (Intranet; website; support activities and events)
    • Ultimately, how do we have employees become willing participants in the cultural transformation process? What do our employees want and value? What is (are) the profile(s) of our ideal customer(s)? (Employee (s))

    *Innovations is exceptional in guiding your organization in creating Focus Groups with a skilled facilitator to gain input, information, and knowledge about the proposed product or service (the initiative) that can't be gotten from other sources.

    *Much of the information for research can be obtained from employee survey interpretations designed by Innovations and written comments by employees.

  3. Positioning Your Product or Service (Initiative)
  4. This step involves how to have employees trust and engage this initiative in comparison to all the other things going on in their lives.

    How do "sell" this initiative so that it seems compelling to our employees?

  5. Brand Definition

    The underpinning of the Brand is the agency culture. Does the initiative sit firmly on (or follow naturally from) the agency's vision, mission, values, leadership commitment, and management system?

  6. Launch

    Implementation of the Action Plans and Cultural Transformation (Small Acts Training and Employee Participation) or some other mode of organizational transformation through employee participation.

  7. Manage the Process

    Oversee the process, make changes based upon feedback and progress!

  8. Innovations will help you create and support your initiative through training that helps to engage individual, paired, and team participation directly relating to situations participants experience on a day-to-day basis.

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