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Breakthrough Day

What Happens When you take team of people from different functions and disciplines in an organization and put them together to find next level solutions to your organizationís greatest opportunities or biggest challenges using leading edge creativity and innovation methodologies? You have a Breakthrough Day.

Five to ten participants, selected from your organization because of their diverse backgrounds, will experience a series of exercises in the areas collaboration, creativity, and innovation leading to real world leading edge solutions to organizational challenges. By the end of Breakthrough Day, participants will be prepared to present their solution to key decision makers, along with a plan to deliver that solution. And through the use of Innovationsí unique creativity techniques, the solutions will go far beyond the typical. And by using our methodology, participants will leave with ability to use these techniques on their own in the future.

In the two-day version Breakthrough Day, participants actually begin working through their solution, using either their internal resources or our partners in design, engineering and other areas.

Groups including startups, product development teams, research and development teams, leadership groups, or high potential employees in a business unit are all are all great candidates for this highly charged and highly productive experience.

breakthrough day

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This is a unique experience, designed as a one-day or two-day workshop, for organizations that truly want to leverage the power of their workforce in leading edge problem solving.

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