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Creating a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Many organizations have processes in place for innovation, but do not equip their key team members with the skills for on-demand creativity , and are missing the processes for linking those creative ideas effectively with innovation processes. As a result, Innovations has developed this highly interactive program to help participants not only develop their own creative skills, but also to support and grow creativity & innovation within their own organizations.

This highly interactive presentation, using individual, paired and group exercises will give participants:.

  1. An understanding of the difference between creativity and innovation

  2. Specific tools to use upon their return to the workplace to promote their own individual creativity and innovation

  3. A model for key leaders to transform the culture to one that promotes creativity and innovation

  4. Key tips on how to sustain a culture of creativity and innovation

The seminar presents a wide variety of techniques, methods, and experiential processes for the participants to integrate creativity and innovation into their daily work routine. It also provides with the tools to lead the cultural transformation process to one that truly leverages the creativity of its employees.

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