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Creativity and Innovation

"A Seminar Program for Leadership, Management, and Staff"

Creativity becomes a necessity as organizations move to the mature stages of quality, empowerment, and high performance. Most leaders, managers, and staff utilize less than 50% of their creative and intuitive ability. This is not because of inherent limitations, but because of unawareness of how to incorporate relatively simple procedures utilizing visualization, the sleep state, subliminal perception, the integrated model of the brain, and other leading-edge creativity concepts into their daily job performance.

This program focuses on the extent to which individuals function within self-imposed limitations which are barriers to creativity and shows how to overcome them. The seminar provides mastery of creative skills in the following areas:

  • Business and the Creative Process
  • Creativity and Consciousness
  • Creative Visualization
  • The Five-Step Innovation Process
  • Mastery of Creativity Using the Sleep State
  • Creativity and Subliminal Perception
  • The Integrated Brain - Four Quadrant Creativity
  • Creativity and Risk-Taking

The seminar presents a wide variety of techniques, methods, and experiential processes for the participants to choose from. It also provides the opportunity for the participants to go beyond linear progression in the solution of business and managerial problems and to master this skill in a way that it becomes a regular part of their day-to-day operation.

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