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Quantum-thinking is the ability of the mind to function at a higher level of creativity and innovation. This level of thinking allows one to accurately envision the next generation products, services, and modes of operation. It involves a shift from linear thinking to higher-order holistic thinking. Quantum-thinking is achieved by the systematic development of six critical skills:

1. Personal Mastery—the ability to explore higher-order thinking (futuristic ideas) beyond one’s present reality.
2. Intuition—the ability to “spontaneously receive” higher-order concepts and ideas.
3. Mastery of Context—the ability to envision future paradigms with the least amount of data or information.
4. Context Integration—the ability to integrate information from different paradigms into one compatible higher-order paradigm.
5. Creative Synthesis—the ability to synthesize (transform) information into new knowledge.
6. Hyper-accelerated Information Processing—the ability to process (learn) data and information at hyper-accelerated speeds.

This program is designed for individuals who are interested in discovering the extraordinary capacity of higher-order thinking. Through a series of highly interactive and experiential individual and team exercises, participants systematically learn to master the six skills of quantum-thinking. As future business paradigms emerge in successively shorter time frames (3 to 5 years at present), leading-edge organizations require a critical mass of individuals who are able to anticipate the nature of new paradigms in order to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business world. The overall objectives of this program are to:

1. Expand or initiate the process of achieving personal mastery in terms of higher- order thinking.
2. Learn how to envision or characterize a context/paradigm from the least amount of information and knowledge.
3. Learn how to integrate information and knowledge from two or more paradigms into one futuristic paradigm.
4. Experience the power of cooperation, collaboration, and cross-functional integration in predicting future, leading edge products, services, and modes of operation.

Value Proposition of Quantum-Thinking

This program provides the following value for you and your organization with respect to quantum-thinking. Quantum-thinking:

1. Will become an integral part of your day-to-day problem solving, creativity, and future-oriented brainstorming.
2. Will be the source of ingenious solutions to complex situations and opportunities that cannot be effectively resolved by ordinary creative problem solving.
3. Will generate an environment where significantly expanded synergism in teamwork will occur.
4. Is the short- and long-term necessity for the continued existence of any organization—particularly in the present millennium.
5. Is the key to generating new, leading-edge products, services, and modes of operation.

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