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Diversity and High-Performance Teaming - Cooperation, Collaboration, and Cross-Functional Integration

Innovations International offers a variety of team-building courses depending upon the requirements of a team or the organization. This course involves the mastery of administrative, interpersonal, and management skills and competencies—technical competency is assumed or acquired from other sources.

This course offers:
  • High Performance Teaming - involves interpersonal dynamics and efficient team functioning.
  • Implementing High Performance Teams - involves the stepwise process of implementing high performance teams, ranging from short-term "special projects teams" to long-term "work teams."
  • Cross-Cultural Diversity in Teaming – involves learning the skills necessary for implementing, improving, and maximizing the productivity and creativity of cross-cultural or cross-functional teams.
  • Competitive Advantages of Diverse Teams – involves learning the process of capitalizing on diversity where differences are assumed to be a competitive advantage.
  • Empowerment in the Work Force – involves the mastery of a series of just-in-time team competencies such as relationship, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, time management, and team management skills.
  • Interpersonal Dynamics for Self-Directed Teams – involves a challenging, in-depth process of creating the interpersonal breakthrough necessary to function effectively as a true self-directed team.

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