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Diversity in Sales

Sales People interface with diverse customers in the field on a regular basis in terms of values, religion, sex, race, culture and a variety of other areas. Their responsibilities require the timely establishment of quality relationships with people who are often very different than themselves. In this course, participants will develop a number of skills that they can apply immediately in establishing quality relationships with customers.

Course participants will learn to:

  • Recognize subtle behavior patterns with diverse customers that limit sales success, and learn a specific tool for effectively resolving interpersonal conflicts where diversity in sales is involved.
  • Create quality cross-cultural relationships with customers that ensure exceptional service by distinguishing unnecessary and required expectations in sales.
  • Communicate effectively in cross cultural relationships with diverse customers through learning your own cultural communication style, the skill of active listening, and conflict resolution behaviors in cross cultural relationships.
  • Develop shared values for quality cross-cultural relationships in sales.

The seminar includes individual, paired and group exercises, video case studies, and question and answer discussion. The complete seminar is a full day, however, each of the modules can be completed in two-hour segments.

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