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Leading and Managing Diversity, Inclusion and High Performance--The Skills Building Series

This skills-building program is the second phase of the Innovations’ diversity series, “Diversity – The Competitive Advantage”. This phase is a continuation of the ultimate objective of diversity which is to create an organization that leverages the total capacity of the work force. This program is comprised of the acquisition of five critical skills for leading and managing a high-performance organization.

These skills involve the mastery and facilitation of the following areas and are summarized below:

1. Leading Diversity and Inclusion

  • Knowledgeable of diversity, business associations, and relationship to high performance
  • Actively practices diversity related business objectives and holds others accountable for diversity goals
  • Defines, communicates, and systematically drives inclusion through cultural measurement
2. Interpersonal Cross-Cultural Dynamics
  • Competently relates to others where cultural differences are involved
  • Communicates effectively with divergently different people
  • Resolves cross-cultural conflict within one’s self and with others
  • Mentors and coaches across cultural differences
3. Diversity and High Performance Teaming
  • Practices and manages collaboration, cooperation, and cross-functional integration
  • Facilitates diversity in teaming as an expectation of others
  • Incorporates cooperation and collaboration work practices for most projects
4. Creativity, Innovation, and Diversity-Thinking
  • Facilitates diversity-thinking in teaming and brainstorming
  • Facilitates out-of-the-box solutions for diversity-related challenges or opportunities
  • Creates and innovates as a regular part of day-to-day operation

5. Cultural Competence – A Prescription for Success
  • Is highly knowledgeable of divergently different cultures
  • Exhibits a high degree of cultural proficiency in cross-cultural situations
  • Facilitates others in creating a culturally competent organization

The overall objectives of the program are to learn the skills necessary:
  1. To lead diversity and inclusion
  2. To relate, communicate, and resolve differences across cultural lines
  3. To facilitate and participate in cooperation, collaboration, and cross-functional integration
  4. To significantly expand your ability to create, innovate, and brainstorm with others across cultural lines
  5. To operate at a high level of cultural proficiency

Each of these skill sets are learned through participation in highly interactive, experiential exercises. These involve individual and paired exercises, team building, and challenging interactive group conversations and dialogue. Each module concludes with a behavioral toolbox of implementation strategies for integration and reinforcement of your present diversity skills.

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