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Developing a Customized Business Case for Diversity

When any organization begins a diversity effort, people consistently ask how diversity impacts their organization from a business perspective. To assist you in responding to this question, Innovations has perfected a three stage process to develop a customized business case for your organization.

Stage One--Brainstorming Session

Stage One consists of a one-day Innovations-facilitated brainstorming session with your organization's diversity staff, selected business leaders, and selected individual contributors. In this session, an Innovations consultant will work with participants to determine diversity¹s impact on a variety of business drivers including (but not limited to) globalization, productivity, serving a diverse marketplace, quality, new skilled workers, and mergers & acquisitions.

Stage Two--Initial Draft of a Customized Business Case for Diversity

Using the information from this session, Innovations drafts a business case for diversity for your organization. This process usually requires one to two weeks and results in a thirty to fifty page document. Following its completion, Innovations will forward a draft copy to your organization. It is carefully reviewed by certain members of the brainstorming team, along with key members of your organization¹s top leadership. After this reading, suggested edits and changes are then sent back to Innovations.

Stage Three–Final Revisions

Based on any suggested changes or refinements, Innovations drafts a final version of the Business Case Booklet that is then forwarded to your organization in both electronic and hard copy forms for printing.

Organizations have found this an extremely valuable tool in advancing their diversity efforts and in responding to the questions and concerns of people in the organization who ask "Why are we doing this?".

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