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Designing a Diversity Infrastructure

Diversity Infrastructure is an intermediate-phase program for an organizationally-representative group or team to establish the support system for diversity. This seminar is designed to create the internal structure, strategies, and processes necessary to continue the diversity initiative beyond the first-phase training. It involves the creation of an infrastructure which ensures the necessary organizational support to implement the strategies and objectives formulated by participants during the first-phase training.

As an option, the seminar may involve the inclusion of a Cultural Audit and/or a Diversity Assessment as is necessary or appropriate. These diagnostic instruments are used as guidelines in designing the support system.

The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Establish a diversity vision and a plan for achieving that vision.
  • Establish sound business motivations which necessitate diversity.
  • Establish a diversity infrastructure within the existing organizational structure to oversee and administer the diversity plan.
  • Establish a communication network for the extensive dissemination of information relating to the diversity initiative.
  • Establish a comprehensive set of guidelines for managers and supervisors to, individually and collectively, formulate and implement plans for achieving diversity.
  • Establish organizational strategies, objectives, and goals for the short-term and long-term achievement of diversity.

This seminar is a vital component of the overall diversity initiative which provides direction and a specific description to the organization of what is to be achieved and the plans for success.

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