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Diversity–A Global Perspective

"A Seminar Program for Managers and Supervisors in a Global Work Force"

Diversity is designed for managers and supervisors to maximize cross-cultural business cooperation. It also provides an opportunity to examine historical, cultural, and national differences, within a region or globally, which prevent proactive relationships and the smooth exchange of business ideas that benefit the corporation. The seminar focuses on providing a basis for understanding historical cultural differences which dictate the way business is conducted and establishing the corporation's core values in a way which is "global in perspective and local in focus." The seminar is presented as a two-day or three-day program.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Devise new empowering strategies for working more effectively among different nationalities and cultures.
  • Show that Empowerment and Diversity are interdependent business necessities for global competition.
  • Show how to use cultural synergism and cooperation to maintain your creative competitive advantage.
  • Show that the full professional development, utilization, and advancement of women and all employees are forward-thinking, profitable business practices.
  • Devise first-phase strategies and objectives for achieving diversity.

A vitally important premise of this program is that Diversity, Empowerment, and Quality are interrelated initiatives necessary to effectively compete in a global marketplace.

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