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The 3P Survey—People, Performance, and Profitability

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Most organizations know their profit margin, but how many are aware of the productivity levels of their own people? Innovations has delivered surveys on this subject for over twenty years to many large Fortune 500 organizations, but has now developed a version of this survey that is accessible all organizations—small, medium and large. This survey will show how productive your employees are—with specific recommendations how to increase their productivity.

The features of this survey are that it:
  1. Assumes all employees have a role in changing the culture, not just leadership and management;

  2. Provides a balance of both cognitive and behavioral skills to achieve high performance,

  3. Can show you the revenue lost through under-utilization of employees and the ROI to be gained by investment in employee development.

Two Primary Areas of Evaluation:

Personal Performance

  • Generations
  • Teamwork
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Inclusion
  • Understanding of Core Values

Leadership Support

  • Organizational Support
  • Leading High Performance
  • Managing High Performance
  • Strategic Direction
  • Work Life Integration
  • Overall Satisfaction

Our survey is performance-oriented, with actionable items to address any survey question.

Each question is weighted to help determine the importance of each question to employee success.

An example of our custom questionnaire

As a part of the survey package, Innovations staff will provide your organization with a comprehensive report, analyzing your survey results as well making actionable recommendations that you may implement immediately closing any gaps in your results.

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