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Creating an Empowered, High Performance Organization

"A Seminar for the Broad-Based Work Force"

Creating an Empowered High Performance Organization is a one-day seminar designed to have the participants acquire an in-depth understanding of empowerment and how to immediately implement it in the workplace. Key elements involve an experiential understanding of personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment; the application of these as a skills-set; and the ability, with practice, to systematically implement the empowerment process in proportion to individual and team competencies.

The specific objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Learn what empowerment is, both from a personal and an organizational perspective.

  • Learn, by small group exercises, the meaning of personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment.

  • Learn how to use personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment as high-involvement skills.

  • Formulate a work plan to immediately implement empowerment in your workplace.

  • Provide a personal and an organizational empowerment evaluation as a baseline empowerment measurement as well as an instrument to identify specific empowerment strengths and weaknesses - an Empowerment Assessment.

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