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Creating an Empowered, High Performance Organization

"A Professional Development Seminar Program for Managers and Staff"

Creating an Empowered, High Performance Organization is a highly interactive and participant-focused two-day seminar program. It provides the basic understanding and tools for the immediate implementation of the empowerment management style into your organization. It focuses on maximizing the individual performance of each employee within an interdependent network. This program provides the infrastructure and basic skills necessary to implement effective Quality and Diversity Initiatives.

Through paired and group exercises, participants learn to deal effectively and positively with those situations where they feel most disempowered. The ultimate objective of the seminar is to initiate the process of maximizing the production of a self-motivated, self-managed work force.

The four key elements of the program are: Barriers to Empowerment; Personal Empowerment; Team Empowerment; and Organizational Empowerment.

The seminar is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify barriers to personal empowerment and devise strategies for their elimination.

  • Understand personal empowerment and learn how this ability can be maximized.

  • Experience the fundamental principles of team empowerment and learn how to establish empowered work teams.

  • Learn how to design a high-involvement organization and implement empowerment.

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