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Empowering the Work Force

"A Professional Development Seminar Program for Managers and Staff"

Empowering the Work Force is designed to provide the essential skills necessary to manage an empowered work force. This program is based upon the concept of empowerment, which is the demonstrated individual, team, and organizational capacity to maximize the quality and quantity of their productivity in order to effectively compete in a global marketplace. The series focuses on the development of individual excellence within an interdependent network system. Participants learn how to manage and participate in an empowered organization, where employees have greater information, knowledge, and delegated authority. The underlying theme which distinguishes this empowerment series is individual and organizational transformation. That is, the establishment of an organizational framework which not only encourages, but expects, continuous learning and expanded responsibility of its employees.

The program provides mastery of skills in the following areas:

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Conflict and Problem Resolution

  • Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout

  • Quality Professional Relationships

  • Empowering Communication

  • Life Management

  • Decision Making

  • Management by Empowerment

Ultimately, the intent of this program is for the entire work force to have integrative teamwork, positive motivation and morale, and a strong sense that their contribution makes a difference to the organization.

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