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NEW: For Millennials Only!-Leading in the 21 st Century

Innovations International, Inc. has developed a new learning program focused on assisting younger generation employees (irrespective of age) in mastering the critical leadership competencies and skills for leading in the 21st century. These competencies are based upon Innovations' High Performance Survey results over the last five years by selectively tracking the (thousands of) comments from younger generation employees - with a focus on Generations Y (Millennials) and Z (2020 Generation). By the year 2020, Millennials will comprise 50% of the U.S. work force and the 2020 Generation will comprise 7% (and growing exponentially). Together these two groups will comprise 57% of the U.S. workforce; a formidable influential bloc. Along with influential representation comes responsibility and preparation for this role. This program is designed to provide the learning experiences for leading, managing, and creating the future for highly successful organizations. Their preparation for this responsibility is critical for the organization and as well as the American and global economies.

The focus of this program is on instilling both cognitive and behavioral skills, since the former determine the power of the latter in terms of exceptional performance. The competencies we have identified for empowered participation broadly include:

  • Learning, as a way of life, in multidimensional ways
  • Passion, for one's work, performance, and contribution to others
  • Collaboration, for balancing individualism and working with others
  • Engagement, for empowered performance and support of others
  • Work-Life Integration, for one's personal and professional well-being
  • Inclusion, as an environment for unlimited participation and contribution

The soul of this program is re-establishing humanistic principles of operation with sound business functioning that emphasize the value of a "diversity of employees" as the "heart" of the organization's source of passion, performance, and profitability.

The Learning Program

The program includes the following learning experiences:

1. Self-Mastery as the Basis for Understanding and Supporting Others

  • Acquiring the knowledge and wisdom through personal transformation to support the success of self and others.

2. Passion, Meaning, and Contribution to Others

  • Discovering and integrating your passion into your day to day living and working experiences.

3. Engagement - The Foundation for Exceptional Performance

  • Achieving personal mastery of empowerment, responsibility, accountability, and commitment as the mind-set for exceptional performance.

4. Work-Life Integration

  • Designing a personal plan for achieving Work-Life Quality, Balance, and Integration.

5. Creating a "Culture of Collaboration" and High-Performance Teaming

  • Designing the critical principles of operation to create "a culture of collaboration" which serves as a template for high-performance teams.

6. Creating an Inclusive Workplace through Cultural Transformation

  • Implementing Small Acts of Inclusion and Appreciation as the most powerful organizational initiative for creating inclusion.

This program is designed for the presently existing diverse, multicultural, (global) work force. Therefore diversity is an integrated part of each learning module. Ideally, this is a two-day learning program; however, each module can be presented as a two-hour workshop. The program is exclusively presented by our newest Millennial Senior Facilitator: Mr. Jeffon Seely. Contact: Dr. William A. Guillory,, 801.274-2885 or, 206.384-0274 (Mobile)


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