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Creating the FuturePerfect Workplace Through Generational Differences

Generations in the Workplace

The source of new ideas, new visions, and new ambitious vistas of the future has traditionally come from the idealistic thinking of younger generations. Most Nobel Laureates are awarded their Prizes decades after their ground-breaking work as young revolutionaries in their field of study. This one-day learning experience is designed to learn how to leverage the unlimited imagination of younger generation thinking with the experience and wisdom of the mature generation.

The various learning experiences begin with the experiential discovery that Generations is more about value preferences than age, culture, or diversity differences. There are however, four major differences in mind-set that distinguishes highly progressive thinking from a more mature, conventional way of thinking—communication styles, receptivity to new technology, learning styles, and receptivity to risk taking. These fundamental differences are explored with the intent of permanently resolving “patterns of conflict” rather than the continual process of behavioral coping mechanisms. Resolution obviously creates possibilities for exceptional performance through generational synergism. This objective is achieved through a team case study exercise which clearly defines the values and corresponding practices that characterize the emerging workplace. These values include employee development, operation, and digital proficiency. The inevitable integration of these values in the American Workplace is based upon the projected Millennial generation becoming 45% of the American workforce by 2015. The concluding exercise is a simulation exercise which demonstrates that teaming to achieve a specific workplace objective or goal, inherently provides the simultaneous opportunity for personal growth and the acquisition of new professional skills. It is also the most powerful way to integrate informal mentoring as a day-to-day way of operating. Informal mentoring complements a formal mentoring program to create a truly learning organization rather than focusing on 5% to 10% of the organization. This confirming, in conclusion, that generational integrated learning and exceptional performance are not possible without the achievement of a culture of inclusion.

The Four Modular Learning Experiences Are:

  1. Generations in the Workplace – the opportunity to create magic!

  2. Resolving Differences Across Generations – Realizing that conflicts are opportunities in disguise.

  3. Exceptional Performance through Generational Synergism – Elevating High Performance to the Next Level

  4. Combining the Vision of Progressive Thinking with the Wisdom of Experience – Creating a Learning Organization Through Informal Mentoring and the corresponding overall objectives are:

    1. Discover that Generational differences are more about value preferences than age, ethnicity, gender, or culture.

    2. Learn that resolving patterns of generational conflict create an opportunity to establish inclusive relationships.

    3. Integrating the values espoused by progressive generational thinking has the potential to elevate teamwork to the next level of exceptional performance.

    4. Creating comprehensive partnerships of Vision and Wisdom through informal mentoring is the key to achieving a learning organization.

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