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The Global Manager

"Mastering the Skills for a World of Diversity"

The global manager is a multidimensional individual who has developed the mind-set and competencies to effectively function anywhere in the world. This individual is knowledgeable in the arts, history, science, and the culture and psychology of people. Below is a summary of the Seven (7) critical competencies from an INSEAD questionnaire of more than 1,500 international managers. These competencies are further discussed in our booklet The Global Manager.

These Critical Competencies are

Video - The Global Manager
Video - The Global Manager

  1. Strategic Awareness
    The fundamental requirements of this competency are the continual acquisition of information and the ability to synthesize that information to produce new knowledge.
  1. Adaptability in New Situations
    The key element of adaptability is being comfortable with not being in control of how situations naturally evolve; particularly where chaos appears to be occurring. The skill is to let go and trust the process.
  1. Sensitivity to Different Cultures
    The vital keys to cultural sensitivity are based upon resolving two fundamental issues of human relationship: human equality and ethnocentrism.
  1. Ability to Work on International (or Multicultural) Teams
    International (or multicultural) teams are an absolute necessity for a global operation. The fundamental requirements are valuing and integrating cultural diversity to create a competitive advantage and win/win situations.
  1. Language Skills
    It is an inevitable necessity that any global manager be multilingual; particularly with those countries where he or she conducts regular business. It should be a necessity for those expatriates residing in countries (or cultures) where the language is different from their native language.
  1. International Negotiating
    The essential competency in negotiation is to find a solution or an agreement which is of mutual benefit to everyone involved. A successful negotiation is a win/win situation for everyone.
  1. Adaptability to Accelerated Change
    The most important element of adapting to change is a transformation in mind-set from a resistant survival-base response to the realization that change is viewed as a continual opportunity to mold the future, rather than a crisis for movement.

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