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Globalization provides the opportunity to compatibly integrate differences in people, systems, and cultures to produce highly profitable business operations. Integration involves the recognition and practice of human equality, the creation of globally inclusive business solutions, and the design of operations that are global in scope and local in application. The greatest opportunity is to create a globally-inclusive culture that focuses equally on people, performance and profitability.


The major factor in achieving globalization is leadership. Global leadership is the ability to competently function across the divergently different value systems of the world. The Innovations Leadership Model™ is from the “inside out” and begins with self-mastery—Developing people; Managing performance; Driving inclusion; and Delivering business results. The competencies associated with the model include the following learning opportunities:.

  • Your organization's unique business necessities for globalization;

  • Your unique personal learning opportunities for global leadership—self-mastery;

  • Your ability to manage and facilitate a globally, diverse work force;

  • Your ability to create a globally inclusive culture that functions seamlessly across international boundaries;

  • An individual or team plan for the delivery of business solutions that meet/exceed the expectations of (globally) different customers and markets.

The objectives of this program are to:
  1. Clearly establish the critical business drivers that are necessary to achieve global business success.

  2. Experience how unconscious perceptions prevent the full utilization of the talents of all employees.

  3. Participate in a team case study exercise to learn how to integrate the Best Practices in managing people and performance, from a global perspective.

  4. Learn your personal cultural competency and orientation and how to expand them to become an inclusive global leader.

  5. Create an action plan which capitalizes on the critical business drivers for higher performance, productivity, and profitability.

This program is a participant centric learning experience. It is highly interactive and includes individual, dyad, and team exercises. One of the main purposes of this program is to establish a forum where the participants can share their knowledge, learning, and wisdom from their global experiences. If your organization has an interest in learning more about this powerful global leadership program, please contact us:

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