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Inclusive Leadership - People, Performance, and Profitability

"The great organizations are those that
celebrate their differences. They seek harmony,
not uniformity. They hire talent, not color. They strive for oneness, not sameness."
- Gil Atkinson

Inclusive leadership begins with an in-depth understanding of one’s self (self-mastery) and is reflected by:

  • Influencing others in accepting and valuing differences in people, thinking, and processes;
  • Understanding and managing a wide array of people, competencies, and styles for exceptional performance; and
  • Creating an environment of dignity, respect, and equitable opportunity for mainstream participation and success.

Then attendees progress into understanding and resolving both interpersonal and personal patterns of exclusion (conflict).

After understanding those patterns, the focus shifts to Leveraging Human Potential and the Foundation for High Performance.

True transformation occurs by learning and exemplifying the Power of Inclusion and an Employee Supportive Workplace.

Inclusive Leadership concludes by discussing how to create a Leadership Support System.

By participating in this seminar, all attendees with come away with new skills in the following objectives:

  1. Resolve patterns of perceptions and behaviors that prevent inclusion.
  2. Show why the achievement of inclusion and empowerment are necessities for high performance.
  3. Learn how cultural exclusion occurs and how to create an inclusive, high-performance organization.
  4. Design specific personal action strategies for leading the achievement of an inclusive, high-performance organization.

This workshop is exceptionally interactive, hands-on, and focused on real-world business scenarios. It is designed to engage individual, paired, and team participation that focus directly on what you will encounter and how you will respond in anticipation of your future business environment.

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