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Quantum Leadership—Leading and Managing in Turbulent Times

Quantum leadership is the process of leading from the future. It is based upon the achievement of a FuturePerfect Organization, which is the prototype high-performance organization of the 21st century. Quantum leadership occurs by projecting one’s mind-set and behaviors into the FuturePerfect paradigm and literally “pulling” the organization into that future state. A FuturePerfect Organization is defined as exceptional in terms of productivity, performance, and profitability, one to three years into the future.

In order to achieve this type of organization, leadership plays the crucial role. The first step is a transformation of the organization from a “linear-adaptive” mind-set to a “creative-adaptive” mind- set. The second step is a “quantum leap” on the part of leadership, into thinking and behaving as though the FuturePerfect state had already been achieved. This is the essence of leading from the future. This is the driving force that allows an organization to literally create its future reality of success.

This three-day workshop focuses on the major leadership skills that are essential for guiding your organization through the continual “white-water” business environment of the 21st century—creative adaptation and leveraging human potential. Creative adaptation is the process of anticipating, embracing, and proactively responding to whatever change is necessary for exceptional performance in the future business environment. Leveraging human potential is the process of harnessing the knowledge, brainpower, and creativity of your work force in achieving a future business or performance objective. Also included are exercises designed to develop the skills necessary for leading inclusion and fostering greater cooperation and collaboration in the workplace. Instead of “managing change,” this workshop engages the participants in learning how to “anticipate” and “mold” change in concert with their business and performance objectives. A fundamental objective of this powerful learning experience is to facilitate participants in adopting a mind-set that change is not only a necessity for business survival and prosperity, but the catalyst for creativity, innovation, and personal well-being. It provides personal experiences to show that the consequences we typically fear, in expanding our potential for exceptional performance, are often unfounded and self-limiting. The process of learning how to lead in achieving your unique FuturePerfect operation involves experiential learning, personal transformation, and strategic planning. These three elements are comprehensively integrated into the leadership program described below.

The overall objectives of this three-day program are to:

  1. Learn your dominant leadership style and how it relates to leading in the FuturePerfect paradigm.
  2. Create your organization’s unique FuturePerfect paradigm and its corresponding strategies, practices, and skills for exceptional performance.
  3. Participate in learning experiences that result in achieving a “creative-adaptive” mind-set and the skill of “facilitative coaching.”
  4. Learn, by participation in an experiential case study exercise, the level of leadership commitment necessary and the stepwise process for creating a culture of inclusion.
  5. Learn the value of and the skills necessary for greater cooperation, collaboration, and cross-functional integration of your business functions and operations.
  6. Leverage the knowledge, brainpower, and creativity of your organization for achieving your desired future.
  7. Design personal strategies for implementing your Personal FuturePerfect Paradigm.

This workshop is exceptionally interactive, hands-on, and focused on real-world business scenarios. It is designed to engage individual, paired, and team participation that focus directly on what you will encounter and how you will respond in anticipation of your future business environment. An optional part of this program is an Executive 360° Assessment. This assessment is provided to each participant prior to the workshop to identify those elements that are critical to their successful performance in a leadership role as they relate to FuturePerfect performance. The Executive 360° Assessment contains two parts—Self- and Others-Assessment. The Self-Assessment survey is designed to help you better understand yourself. The Others-Asessment is designed to have others assess you, preferably 15 (fifteen) of your peers or direct reports. This survey is designed to assist the individual to better understand how he/she is perceived and experienced by others in the workplace. A written summary report/profile will be provided to each participant prior to the workshop to be used as a guide for personal transformation during the workshop exercises.

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