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Executive Self-Assessment

The Executive Self-Assessment provides a statistical analysis of an upper manager's personal qualities required to create a continuously-learning, high-involvement organization. These qualities have come to be recognized as necessary to lead an organization into the twenty-first century.

The information from this confidential survey allows an executive to gain self-knowledge of his or her level of personal empowerment. It further identifies how his or her interpersonal, management, and leadership styles impact other individuals and the overall operation of the organization. The assessment identifies strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. It specifically identifies "high-impact" areas for interpersonal improvement, which, when addressed, will affect the greatest change.

Feedback from the assessment provides the basis for a personal action plan. It establishes a baseline from which an upper manager can measure future improvement as a result of implementing personal strategies. Collective feedback from participating upper managers is used in designing executive team-building sessions.

The Executive Self-Assessment provides an upper manager with three dimensions of feedback:

  • An analysis of self-responses to sixty questions regarding personal beliefs, attitudes, and practices quantitatively measured on a one hundred percent "personal mastery" scale.
  • An evaluation of the upper manager's performance by co-workers and/or subordinates, and
  • One-on-one facilitation geared toward provoking personal insights and highlighting significant areas for improvement.

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