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Organizational Assessment

Description: The Organizational Assessment provides a statistical analysis of the levels of individual, team, and organizational empowerment in your organization.

This information can be used to:

  • Increase participants' awareness of their level of personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment and suggest a point at which management can confidently relinquish control.

  • Determine specific areas of the organizational culture which support empowerment as well as existing barriers to empowerment and high-impact opportunities for improvement.

  • Formulate personal and organizational plans for implementing empowerment (including "job enrichment" and personal empowerment programs).

  • Periodically measure the progress of empowerment as your organization initiates new ways of operating (i.e., flattening, delegation, etc.).

Administration: The Empowerment Assessment consists of approximately 100 questions customized to your organization. Questionnaires can be distributed to individuals in their work locations or to groups assembled for formal survey administration. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. All responses are confidential and surveys are returned directly to Innovations for computer tabulation and statistical analysis.

Participation: The assessment can be administered to seminar groups, individual teams, divisions, or the entire organization.

Analysis: Reports generated from the Organizational Assessment are tailored to the requirements and objectives of your organization. Additional comparisons may be conducted according to predetermined demographic breakdowns (i.e., teams, gender, race, etc.).

Assessment results are typically returned in two forms: 1) Each individual receives a sealed feedback report that compares her or his answers to the group responses; and 2) Management receives a feedback report of overall results.

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