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Leading During Turbulent Times—The FuturePerfect Leadership Model

Leading during turbulent times requires three vital leadership skills: the ability to anticipate change, create the change you desire, and lead from the future.

In practice, this three-step sequence is captured by the FuturePerfect Leadership Model
  1. A transformation in mind-set from linear-adaptive to creative-adaptive thinking.
  2. The creative design of future-oriented products and services and the leadership and organizational competencies necessary to produce and sell them.
  3. Projecting yourself into that future state and leading as though that future state exists in the present.
The FuturePerfect Diagram

This presentation is based on Dr. Guillory’s co-authored book, The FuturePerfect Organization—Driven by Quantum Leadership. The presentation is entertaining, interactive, and involves audience exercises.

During uncertain, turbulent times, create what is wanted and needed, and produce it, market it, and sell it!

We have designed an experience to lead you through this process of re-inventing yourself, your leadership, and your organization. It begins with defining the next business paradigm; envisioning the next generation products and services that correspond to that paradigm for your particular industry; and moving to design, prototype production, and marketing and sales.

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