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Leading High Performance - A Skills-Building Series

Leading High Performance - A Skills-Building Series

This high performance series is designed for those in leadership and management roles to learn and master the skills necessary to achieve an employee-focused, supportive, and high-performing environment. The underlying theme of the series is "self-mastery is essential for facilitating the performance of others." It is based upon the book, Empowerment for High-Performing Organizations by Dr. Bill Guillory and Dan Guillory.

Empowerment for High Performing Organizations The series consists of seven modular presentations:
  1. Introduction – Leading High Performance
  2. Personal Discovery – Leading Breakthrough Performance
  3. Leading High Performance for Achieving Extraordinary Results
  4. Empowering Relationships – Influencing the Performance of Others
  5. Cooperation, Collaboration, and Cross-Functional Integration
  6. Creating a Culturally Competent Organization
  7. Designing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan
The objective of this series is to develop individuals with the skills to:
  • Lead and manage a spectrum of employees in terms of competencies, styles, and cultures for achieving exceptional performance

  • Facilitate self and others in resolving self-imposed barriers to exceptional leadership performance

  • Institutionalize responsibility and accountability as founding cognitive skills for driving high performance through employee involvement

  • Establish empowering relationships that encourage the full expression of employees' abilities while simultaneously supporting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being

  • Facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and cross-functional integration for high-performance business functioning

  • Competently manage a wide spectrum of cultural differences to create an involved and inclusive culture

  • Design a personal leadership development program

This series is exceptionally interactive, hands-on, and focused on real-world business scenarios. It is designed to engage individual, paired, and team participation in developing the leadership skills to manage today’s highly diverse, multigenerational, and technology-driven workforce.

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