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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Innovations announces its newest workplace learning program on the subject of mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as our inner awareness of those factors vital to our personal well-being and performance as well as our external awareness of how we impact and influence the wellness and performance of those with whom we work. Such a level of awareness is the key to self-mastery, the vital competency for both formal and informal leadership, which is a necessity to effectively participate in and manage today's workforce.

The presentation involves a mindbody approach in terms of personal and organizational transformation. The course taps into the power of the mind in terms of consciously establishing and reinforcing those principles of an ongoing workplace-empowerment, transparency, democracy, innovation, and inclusion.

The workshop consists of four learning modules:

1. Introspection - Cultivating Mindfulness Within

  • The willingness to explore one's inner emotions, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that determine one's performance.

2. Presence - Being in the Moment

  • A state of active, open, and daily activities that avoids distraction and maintain one's health and well-being.

3. Mindful Relationships and Communication

  • Interpersonal interactions characterized by authenticity, acceptance of differences, and the understanding of and empathy of others.

4. Mindfulness - Performance and Productivity

  • The conscious awareness of how we influence the well-being, development, performance, and overall productivity of our working environment through informal leadership.

"Observe the space between your thoughts, then observe the observer." - Hamilton Bourdreaux

The course is 80% experiential with a focus on adult learning, tapping into the experiences and wisdom of the participants. In addition to the workshop learning, each participant personally designs a plan for workplace implementation-personal mastery.

The presentation can be the entire half-day program or selected modules as is appropriate. This workshop has achieved acclaim as a Ted Talk and is exclusively led by Mr. Jeffon Seely.

For more information regarding this mindfulness program, please contact:

Dr. William A. Guillory
Innovations International, Inc.

Mr. Jeffon Seely
Senior Facilitator
Innovations International, Inc.


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