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Online Training

We can customize and develop any off-the-shelf online training that your organization needs. To inquire about this service simply request a quote with the button bellow.

Interactive Courses Free of Cost!

We have converted our popular training CD-ROMs into online tools that can be taken at your convenience.

These Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) programs offers a training course with the flexibility of self-paced study. Interactive Multi-Media Course Features:

  1. Five Hours of Instruction
  2. Color Graphics and Sound
  3. Interactive Presentations
  4. Thought Provoking Exercises

Diversity - The Competitive Advantage is the first-phase experiential awareness program in the Innovations' Diversity Series. The program content focuses on diversity education, experiential awareness of personal diversity- related activities, and organizational transformation.

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Diversity the Competitive Advantage

Diversity the Competitive Advantage - Program Objectives
  1. Define diversity and show how it is related to business success.
  2. Create breakthroughs in high performance by resolving and coaching interpersonal and workplace conflict resulting from diversity differences.
  3. Show why the achievement of diversity and empowerment are necessities for creating a high-performance organization.
  4. Learn your unique leadership style and how it relates to leading inclusion and performance.
  5. Define your unique role in designing a leadership support system for achieving diversity and inclusion.

Empowerment for High-Performing Organizations

To be empowered means to have the ability and to be granted the authority to carry out one's (or a team's) responsibilities within mutually agreed guidelines between a supervisor and an individual (or a team).

To empower is to delegate in proportion to competency.

Diversity the Competitive Advantage

Take the Empowerment for High Performing Organizations Course > >

Empowerment for High Performing Organizations - Program Objectives

The foundation upon which empowerment is based involves a clear experiential understanding, acceptance, and skillful implementation of the following definitions:

  • Personal responsibility - The willingness to view yourself as the principal source of the results and circumstances which occur in your life, both individually and collectively with others in the workplace.
  • Personal accountability - The willingness to claim ownership for the results which are produced as a consequence of your involvement, both individually and collectively with others in the workplace.
  • Personal empowerment - An internally-derived capacity to perform at or above an established level of expectation. This capacity is expanded by going beyond both self-imposed and external limitations.
  • Personal commitment - Commitment is confirmed when the difficulty of greatest challenge is successfully overcome.
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