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The Power of Collaboration -
Cooperation and Cross-Functional Networking

Empowerment for High Performing Organizations

Collaboration is the most powerful means of working with others to achieve workplace objectives and goals. It is based on the establishment of relationship involving trust, respect, and commitment. This level of relationships requires the resolution of personal and organizational challenges in achieving a balance between working with others and individual contribution. This balance is based upon the extent to which one’s workplace responsibilities are individual or team-oriented.

This course provides the opportunity to:

The Power of Collaboration
  • Learn how to resolve common challenges to collaboration

  • Achieve a balance between collaboration and individualism

  • Learn how to use personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment as high-involvement skills.

  • Devise action strategies implementing, improving, and maximizing cooperation, collaboration, and networking

The course is highly interactive, hands-on, and focused on real situations the organization experiences. It involves experiential learning through individual, paired, and team exercises that are designed to develop the skills cooperation, collaboration, and cross-functional networking.

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