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The Power of Performance - Creating an Inclusive, High-Performance Organization

The Power of Performance - Creating an Inclusive, High-Performance Organization

An Advanced Leadership Program

The Power of Performance is a four-part series that includes:
  1. A Performance-Oriented Cultural Survey
  2. A Strategic Performance Plan
  3. The High-Performance Learning Series
  4. Achieving a High-Performance Culture

The Performance-Oriented Cultural Survey includes the administration, interpretation, and presentation of a performance-oriented comprehensive cultural survey. The survey assesses the integration of inclusion, empowerment, professional development, recruitment and retention, core values, work-life balance, customer service, leadership and management support. The survey focuses on the balance between work performance, employee well-being, and exceptional customer service. The results of the survey are summarized in an approximate 40-page written report involving the strengths, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations for addressing the identified issues.

The Strategic Performance Plan is a two-part process involving a one-day strategic planning session and the generation of a comprehensive strategic plan for accomplishing an inclusive high-performance culture. The strategic planning session is typically performed by five or six teams that address specific opportunities for improvement that are identified in the performance-oriented cultural survey. The results of the strategic planning session is summarized in a report written by Innovations. (This report is subsequently submitted to the appropriate organizational personnel for feedback and refinements until perfection is achieved.) A senior consultant from Innovations is also available to deliver a professional presentation complete with a question and answer session regarding the written report.

The High-Performance Learning Series is typically presented as a two-stage learning experience. These one-day learning experiences are designed for leadership/management and the broad-base workforce.

The first-stage leadership/management series includes:

  • Creating Breakthrough Performance
  • The Foundation of High-Performance
  • Leadership/Management Toolbox for High-Performance
The second-stage leadership/management series includes:
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion
  • The Power of Collaboration—Balancing Individualism and Teamwork
  • Designing a Leadership Support System for Inclusion and High-Performance

The High-Performance Learning Series focuses on a highly experiential process to achieve transformation in the participants' thinking, as well as new behavioral skills for success. We also recommend the establishment of an "Intranet Information and Knowledge Management Network System."

Achieving a High-Performance Culture is the systematic process of implementing the strategic performance plan. This phase is typically coordinated and facilitated by an internal High-Performance Team. The Team is responsible for ensuring that the time-dependent measurement goals in the strategic plan are attained. Support from Innovations includes coaching and consulting, as well as the provision of materials, updated best practices, and assistance in resolving inevitable challenges that arise.

It is vital to understand that inclusion provides the "context" or "environment" necessary for the high-performance practices, management system, and initiatives to be successful.

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