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Quick Track Training

A series of 20–minute facilitated sessions on Leadership, Creativity, or Diversity and Inclusion

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Innovations has developed a new and exciting format to deliver our award winning content on leadership, creativity, and diversity. Innovations new format is a series of ten, 15-minute sessions in one of our key topic areas.

The format of each 20 minute session is (select each step for an explanation):

Each session begins with a brief explanation of the particular topic. Followed by an interactive exercise where you have an opportunity to evaluate yourself on this skill.
We then take you through a brief exercise to gain a deeper understanding of the principle and skill.
We then provide you with examples of how to apply the skill in the workplace, followed by a challenge to select one of the applications, and implement it immediately upon your return to the workplace.
At the following session, we will briefly review your experiences of the prior week and continue on with the new material.

In addition to valuable content, the three key characteristics of this approach are that:

  1. It is a natural part of your workgroup’s cycle, and

  2. It creates a sustainable process where meeting to meeting, you are implementing and moving to the next step on a regular basis.

  3. There is an immediate call to action, with a challenge to all present creating a sense of individual and collective accountability.

At the end of the 10 week period, a significant transformation will have taken place in the way the group operates. Innovations can deliver this with one of its normal streams of content, or can create a customized stream based on your group’s needs.

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