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Prevention of Sexual Harassment Workshop

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Workshop is a customized training and experiential workshop offered by Innovations International's associates Melanie Miller and Scott Horton. It is designed in different formats for those in leadership, management, supervisory, and/or individual contributor roles. The medium of choice for the curriculum is interactive, experiential, and facilitative. The focus on Sexual Harassment Prevention helps employees understand their role in creating a professional workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. The program content focuses on definitions of sexual harassment, behavioral expectations (roles and responsibilities of the organization, managers, and employees in preventing sexual harassment—the "do's" and "don'ts"), the organization's anti-harassment policy, where to go to "speak up" within the organization, tips and techniques to reduce liability, and if possible, question and answer session.

The overall objectives of the program are to
  1. Explain what sexual harassment is and what it is not.
  2. Understand your roles and responsibilities as employees.
  3. Recognize options for responding to workplace situations.
  4. Practice responding to workplace situations.
  5. Commit to behavior you will do differently as a result of the training.
Sexual harassment claims are filed every day. By using our courses, your organization can deliver a consistent message about expectations, roles, and responsibilities at every level. Additionally, the program supports your efforts to build accountability at all levels by
  1. Establishing a foundation for legal, professional workplace behavior.
  2. Communicating and reinforcing your company's policies, values, and expectations.
  3. Providing practical tools and guidelines that can be applied to sexual harassment.
  4. Committed behavior to do differently after the training session.

This focus will assist individuals to make consistent and respectful decisions, and also to take responsibility for themselves and for their positions within the organization.

This learning program is experiential, interactive and focused on real-world organizational scenarios. It is designed to engage individual, paired, and team participation that directly relates to situations participants' experience on a day-to-day basis (based on time constraints and number of participants, this might be more limited). The session will consist of information, an interactive quiz, and case studies. The program can be presented, with modification, in one hour increments up to a full day.

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