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Single-User Transformational Learning Programs

The demand for online, performance-oriented learning is increasing at a rapid pace. The major factors driving this demand are:

  • Time more tasks to perform in fixed time frames.
  • Money cost of one-time training per employee.
  • Convenience necessity for alternative learning formats
  • Competency to keep pace with new initiatives and skills

Innovations has developed the following interactive, transformational, online learning programs:

(Click each of the programs below for a brief description)

  • Small Acts of Inclusion and Appreciation®
  • Career Planning
    is designed to complement performance evaluations by providing a career-planning exercise for planning one's own unique career plan.
  • Engagement--Leveraging Human Potential
    is designed to provide learning experiences for managers and employees to learn the cognitive and behavioral skills necessary for creating an engaging workplace for high performance.
  • Unconscious Bias--Employee and Manager Versions
    is designed to understand the source of deeply embedded counterproductive perceptions, how to resolve them, and ultimately, how to be successful, in spite of their presence; includes both Employee and Management versions.

The learning programs are designed:

  • For easy usage and navigation
  • For unlimited repetitive usage
  • For individual and team learning
  • To simulate live, facilitated learning
  • For unique, personalized exercises
  • With printing and downloading options
  • To learn both cognitive and behavioral skills
  • To experience extensive interactive exercises
  • To view video scenarios for learning applications
  • For the cost-effective training of the entire workforce
  • To experience a mind-set of exceptional performance

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