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Start Up and Small Business Training

Kick off your business training initiatives with our Starter Package (designed for companies with 30 employees or less)

Small Business Coach

Startups typically have great ideas and very smart people working together. Their biggest obstacle they often find is themselves and their ability to work effectively together.

Benefits (ROI) of Training for Small Business and Startups:
  • Create a successful vision of the future
  • Acquire a greater understanding of leadership roles
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration
  • Improve employee performance
  • Reduce harassment incidences, charges, and discrimination lawsuits

It is a five-stage program, delivered over a two month period, and is limited to 30 employees or less. This program addresses five key elements to help ensure a startup’s success for not only the short term but also the long term.

Five Key Training Elements:

  • Leadership—Visionary leadership is where success begins. By definition, startups are working in unfamiliar territory, and to run effectively the team needs to have great faith in the direction the leadership team is taking them.
  • Collaboration—The team will have short time to become acquainted and will spend long hours working together in a chaotic environment. Effective collaboration will be a vital element to the team’s ability to be productive
  • Creativity and Innovation—Startups are always in an extremely competitive environment where survival may be dependent upon the next innovation. Having the tools and methods for continual innovation could give your startup the competitive advantage it needs.
  • Work Life Integration—Because of the unique demands placed upon employees in a startups, learning ways to integrate work and personal lives is essential, not only to effectively leveraging your employees but also to avoid burnout.
  • Creating a vision for the future—After having done a great deal of personal and organizational work over the previous four weeks, the organization can create its own roadmap for success.
Delivery Methods Designed with Your Start Up in Mind:
  • Virtual Training and Coaching - Our most cost efficient method where training is done online using our webinar and collaboration software. Examples can be viewed on our Virtual Learning Experience page.
  • Phone and Teleconferencing - Phone sessions can be arranged for one on one coaching and for those without online capabilities.
  • Live facilitated seminars and workshops - Sessions are arranged and facilitated on site.

This program is delivered in five segments, each one every two weeks over a two-month period. The first program only involved the leadership team (director level and above), while the other sessions are delivered to the entire organization. The programs can be done any day of the week (including Saturdays or Sundays), but to ensure the strength of the program, we strongly suggest that all five sessions are completed over a two-month period. This program, delivered by our unequaled team of facilitators, would provide your startup with the organizational alignment and strategic foundation to make your idea a success.

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