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Providing the Ultimate Hospitality Experience

Tourists visiting the United States spend billions of dollars each year in hotels, restaurants, stores, casinos, and other business establishments. Each visitor brings with her/him cultural norms, values, and expectations about customer relations, money exchange, service, and hospitality. And many of these cultures rely on word-of-mouth to choose where they will go to spend their money. How do you become the business that the international visitors choose?

Providing the Ultimate Hospitality Experience teaches clients how to become the business of choice. The program addresses cultural differences as they pertain to a client’s industry, including how an international customer expects to be treated (from front desk to room service to parking), attitudes about money (bartering, tipping, and payment), auspicious and inauspicious numbers (rooms, tables, parking spaces, and gambling machines), creating an hospitable environment (feng shui), keeping a customer happy (and dealing with a dissatisfied customer), and establishing a reputation as the only choice for the ultimate hospitality experience.

Through interactive activities, participants learn how to:

  • Identify cultural norms, values, and expectations (of countries of the client’s choosing) that influence behavior
  • Understand the differences between the subject culture(s) and the US culture
  • Avoid making those unfortunate cultural faux pas and say the right thing!
  • Build bridges and create a culturally-sensitive environment
  • Keep those international visitors coming back!

This learning program is exceptionally hands-on, interactive, and focused on real-world business and organizational scenarios. It is designed to engage individual, paired, and team participation that directly relates to situations participants experience on a day-to-day basis. The program can be presented, with modification, in half-day, one-day, or one and one-half
day modes. It can be delivered by Innovations’ facilitators or a Train-the-Trainer format.

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