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Resolving Unconscious Bias - The Inclusive Leadership Series

Resolving Unconscious Bias is part of the Inclusive Leadership Series. It focuses on self-discovery—which is the ability to have an in-depth understanding of one’s self. Such self-perception allows leaders and managers to constructively respond to differences and support others through facilitative coaching. Facilitative coaching is the ability to guide others through transformation in their thinking; and correspondingly to naturally adopt behaviors that support the growth and development of those they mange.

The objectives of this seminar are to:
  1. Discover unconscious perceptions and behaviors that prevent the full development, utilization, and advancement of all employees.
  2. Learn how to permanently resolve unconscious patterns of exclusion that result from the perceptions and behaviors above.
  3. Learn the skill of facilitative coaching in influencing others to accept and practice inclusive behaviors.

As significant demographics—such as ethnicity, sex, and generations—continue to change, so does the expectations and values of workplace personnel. The present emphasis for organizational success is on human capital?recruiting, developing, and retaining the best people available. With this emphasis comes an increasing diversity of young people in terms of work style, thinking style, creative orientation, technological savvy, and most of all, expectations of workplace operation.

As a result, today’s leaders and managers require an ability to work effectively with a wide variety of personnel characteristics. We define this ability as inclusive leadership. One of the most challenging skills associated with inclusive leadership is the awareness of unconscious biases we all possess based upon our upbringing, and quite often our generational group. Such preferences are simply taken for granted when working with others unless a leader or manager has had the opportunity to reflect on his or her impact on those they manage.

This seminar provides the opportunity to uniquely discover those preferences that add value to workplace performance and productivity, and those that don’t. It also provides the opportunity to resolve unconscious biases that are the source of ongoing conflict in workplace relationships. Ultimately, the participants learn a personal method for resolving conflict and teaching conflict resolution to others.

Prior to the seminar, each participant is given a leadership survey to determine their preferred leadership style to learn how subtle preferences are made that unconsciously exclude others.

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