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Virtual Learning Experience

Innovations Announces a Breakthrough in Online Education and Training

Diversity Webinar - Our Virtual Learning Experience

Our most cost-effective solution!

Innovations International has developed the online expertise to facilitate personal and organizational transformation. We have long been known for our expertise in transformation in facilitated classroom settings.

Our Virtual Learning Experience (VLE) accomplishes personal and organizational transformation in a facilitated online format. The two key elements in this new learning format are challenging material content and highly skilled transformative facilitators.

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The material content of our programs focus on:

  • Exceptional individual and team performance
  • Creating a transformation in participants' perceptions and behaviors with respect to collaboration;
  • Identifying and resolving issues that prevent the proactive process of inclusion;
  • The power assuming of 100% responsibility and accountability in maximizing one' performance; and
  • Proactive behaviors that have the power to create a transformation in working relationships.

Watch our past Virtual Learning Experiences Free

You can visit our past recordings for free. They offer invaluable resources and tips from some of our top facilitators.

Highly skilled transformative facilitators are those individuals who have:

  • Achieved personal success in their chosen field of professional expertise;
  • Engaged (and continue to be open to) in-depth personal exploration in terms of their own self-limitations;
  • Learned to accept people, as they are. as a basis of influencing their change;
  • The ability to establish relationships of respect, openness, and trust with seminar participants; and
  • are passionate about the work of facilitating personal and organizational transformation.

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